Heineken launches Light beer in Mexico

By Valeria Bigurra Thursday, September 29, 2016 comments

It will be sold from October in Monterrey and Hermosillo


The company will launch its Heineken Light beer in Mexico, with the aim of attacking another market of the population.




This beer is produced at the plant in Orizaba, and it will be sold only in Monterrey and Hermosillo, and depending on the public acceptance, the company plans to take it to other states of the republic for 2017.


Lino Villarreal, director of brand of Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma (CM) / Heineken, at a press conference said the strong performance of the Light segment in Mexico, adding it to the positive trend that Heineken has as brand in the country, are the elements that helped to incorporate this new product.




Heineken Light will be sold from October at Oxxo convenience stores, restaurants and bars, and from November it will be taken into the rest of the distribution channels.


This product is already sold in the United States, New Zealand, Ireland, Taiwan and now comes to Mexico as part of the growth plan of the brand in the country five years after their arrival.




According to a study by Heineken Mexico, light beer is consumed mostly in the north, while in the south people prefer lager beer and in the center both are consumed.


Heineken Lager Beer has 5 degrees of alcohol and between 130 and 140 calories, while the Light version has 99 calories and 3.3 degrees.