Cheers! Hello Kitty launches its own wine line

By Fernanda Duque Hernandez Tuesday, November 1, 2016 comments

The brand commercializes sparkling, white, red and rosé


Hello Kitty has done it once more…the renowned Japanese Brand, Sanrio, is venturing into a new market: wine.


1 (1)Original images: official Facebook page Hello Kitty


The Asian powerhouse, in alliance with the Italian winery Torti, has released a special collection of wines under the brand of this famous character, and while this have been available to Europe and Asia for a while now, for the first time ever, consumers in the United States will be able to acquire it.


According to the producer, this range of drinks was elaborated with chardonnay grapes and pinot noir from Oltrepò Pavese.


2 (1)Original images: official Facebook page Hello Kitty


“We worked diligently with the Sanrio people to pick and choose the right combination of food for the special wine,” mentioned Antonio Cagnolo, owner of the restaurant Antonello which is the first place in the United States where you can taste the Hello Kitty wine.


So far, the collection comprises of And there’s surely one to fit your taste, because so far the collection comprises of a red wine, a white wine and a series of sparkling and rosés and they all have the cutest little names: ‘Rosé’, ‘Sweet Pink’, ‘Sparkling Rosé’, ‘Cupido’, ‘Charmy’, and ‘Lady’. …but we’re going to be so bold as to declare ‘sweet pink’ the ultimate Hello Kitty wine. Not only is it pink, but there’s a sweet little gold-painted heart impressed on the bottle.


3 (2)Original images: official Facebook page Hello Kitty


Even though experts from the wine industry are a bit taken aback with the appearance of this new competitor, to longtime fans it is not as shocking, because since way back in 1974, hello kitty has traded different types of lifestyle products, such as toilet paper, photographic cameras and even soy sauce. Totally ‘kawaii’.