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Acapulco: Where to stay and how to get

Put on your swimsuit, grab that book you wanted to read, ask for a cold piña-colada and just lay down under the warm touch of Acapulco’s sun.

Historically one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Mexico is definitely Acapulco… A place that has it all: long stretches of sandy beaches, fine dining with seafood dishes and a vibrant nightlife for party lovers.

November 20th is a national holiday in Mexico; thousands of people leave the big cities and head up to enjoy the sun and join the fun.

The main objective of Acapulco’s government is to beat the 81.1% hotel occupation rates generated in the year 2013. With that in mind, several companies have committed to offer the best prices and special offers, in order to boost tourism.

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Where to stay?

Still wondering if you should travel this weekend? As part of the once-in-a-year promotions of “El Buen Fin” (A Mexican version of Black Friday), different companies launch their best offers to keep with the Buen Fin slogan “The cheapest weekend all year round”.

Located in the exclusive Acapulco Diamante (Diamond Acapulco) zone, Mundo Imperial Resort is a luxury complex with activities for the whole family. This resort is just one of the several hotels and lodging companies that offer consumers attractive half-priced rates.

Luis Walton, mayor of Acapulco, was proud to announce that the goal was surpassed. Originally, they expected to receive 60% hotel occupancy rates during 2013, and reached a staggering 81%. This meant lovely golden beaches with happy tourists enjoying the outdoors and weather! It’s worth mentioning that several hotels joined in this effort, to improve local tourist activities, by the end of last year’s trimester.

So why wait? Book now and enjoy the best weekend of the year in Acapulco! For more information about hotel promotions and discounted rates, visit:

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How to get there?

Acapulco’s International Airport is operating at full capacity with 152 thousand passengers registered in the third trimester of the year, and different airlines such Aeroméxico and Volaris have opened new routes in order to provide more alternatives to access the destination.

By the end of October, Volaris opened its new route to Acapulco, and on November 2nd one more to Oaxaca, both departing from the Mexico City International Airport.

The CEO of Volaris, Enrique Beltranena, highlighted that these routes are part of a connectivity strategy that will allow road travelers to reach their destinations easier and faster.


On the other hand, Aeromexico, the main airfare company in Mexico, boasts six daily flights departing only from the Mexico City International Airport.

All these actions have resulted in a 12% increase of foreign tourists arriving to Acapulco, looking for the 365 sunny-days guarantee.