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Increase in number of Mexican refugees in Canada

By Redacción MXN Monday, March 6, 2017 comments

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Since the Canadian government suspended the visa requirement for Mexicans, the number of refugee petitioners has increased, according to the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Commission (IRBC).


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After seven years of imposing a visa to Mexicans, the immigration requirement was suspended by the government of Justin Trudeau on December 1, 2016.



The visa was imposed on Mexico by the conservative government of Stephen Harper on July 13, 2009 due to the high number of refugee seekers, whose petitions were mostly considered false.



In 2009, Mexico had the first place of asylum seekers with 9,511 cases, but with the imposition of the visa this number dropped to 1,349 the following year and continued to fall in subsequent years. In 2014, there were only 90 cases of Mexicans referred to the IRBC.



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As the number of Mexican petitioners begins to rise, there has also been an increase in acceptance rates. In 2009, the year that the visa was imposed, the acceptance rate for Mexican cases was 8.0 percent.  In 2016 it closed with 21 percent.



Since Donald Trump took over the United States government and began his anti-immigrant policy, dozens of Mexicans try to continue their “American dream” northward.


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