Japanese Population Grows 400% in Guanajuato

By Eliot Bullman Monday, June 5, 2017 comments

The installation of industries originating in Japan in the last four years has quadrupled the Japanese presence; Today 2,400 people live in Mexico, said consul Yasuiza Suzuki.


The Japanese population in the state of Guanajuato has grown 400 percent over the last four years. Currently 2400 Japanese live in the municipality of Leon, most of them working in companies in the automotive sector.


japanese guanajuato


Yasuiza Suzuki, consul general of Japan in Leon, reported that Salamanca, Celaya and Leon are the municipalities that have the largest number of Japanese.



He stressed that there many are still to arrive with companies supplying manufacturers in the rubber, aluminium and steel sector.


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He said, “so far the Japanese citizens living in León are 700, in Guanajuato are 2400. We hope not to disturb Mexican citizens and be discreet because over the past three or four years residency has quadrupled.”



They invest in Mexico because in Japan they are already a very mature country. There are fewer people, and managers have to return to go to other countries for other jobs, so positions will open up for Mexicans,” he said.


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In these four years, he said, 230 companies have been installed in Mexico and in the next ten years it will be a haven for engineers in the automotive industry for the region.



He stressed that most of the companies in the sector have settled, only missing some suppliers of Toyota and Nissan in Aguascalientes, which will arrive in Mexico this year.