The Jobs of the future in Mexico

By Daniel Juarez Thursday, August 4, 2016 comments

Green environment projects, data optimization and crisis handling will star as the next best jobs in the near future!


We all have lived that constant fear, wondering if the very thing we majored in will be relevant in the job market tomorrow or if it will be well-paid. And one of the hardest questions to ask ourselves is if it was worth studying it to begin with. Don’t worry! If you tackle the issue on time, you can still find the time to be updated on the next great fields of work, because jobs evolve when the economy demands it. And according to one study made by the World Economic Forum, it is estimated that at least 2,000 million jobs will disappear over the next 15 years.


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One of the fields that has been growing exponentially is the optimization of data reconfiguration, like an analyst of market research, corporative management and handling of crisis. These professions show a need for handling information in a way so that a company doesn’t lose its balance during an unforeseen event, according to a study made by the American Management Association.


On the environmental side, the most talked about careers are geriatrics and green projects managers; in Mexico there is still a lot of work field to cover in these two sectors as opposed to Germany, USA or Switzerland which are already abundant in sustainable projects like solar powered devices and clean water. Oil, sustainable energy alternatives, environmental care and third age population, among others, are the main reasons to keep on researching and developing sustainable projects.


According to, these are the most promising professions for the next decade:


Biometric engineering

Mainly the ones dedicated to mechatronics, software development, mobile communication and cloud computing are targeted for future recruitment. Technical engineers with the capability to develop more complex security technologies that could be used to enhance the existing functions on our phones, such as voice recognition and iris scanning. This will be requested by software developing companies, security companies or even the government. Big companies from the automotive and health industries – to name a few – will also have demand for this in the not too distant future.


Financial advisors

Economists, accountants or financial advisors will be of great use to handle 3 essential areas of a company: taxes, investments and insurances. Profiles which could identify and analyze the economic volatile flow and provide prompt solutions to a crisis.


worker, engineer


Alternative car designers

Environmentally friendly is trending right now, so naturally companies will hop on the green wagon of car designs. They’ll look for individuals that could develop car projects that use alternative fuel to preserve the environment and other types of technical savvy like the multiple uses of hydrogen, a well-defined area to work on.


Analyst of data management

Someone who has the knowledge to position a company into the market and adapt to the constant changes of public demand, for example, a market or statistics analyst that can predict and identify a specific market’s behavior.


analysis statistics


Geriatric consultant

Aging is a tricky subject and the science behind it is not thoroughly uncovered, however technology has advanced so much now that average life span has extended significantly. The world will require nutritionists and physical experts that’ll improve overall life quality of people, thus extending it. Dermatologists will not be left out of the equation for they are still going to be needed tomorrow as they are needed now.



Technological advances today allow for diseases and illnesses to be treated on a cellular level, thanks to nanotechnology you can now treat cancer, reconstruct skin or organ tissues and even modify genetic. Doctors in this area will be able to treat patients in an unconventional way and reach places where it was initially impossible to reach before.




Pharmaceutical farmers

The titled is coined by Forbes themselves and it suggests the fusion of pharmaceutics and food. This profession will be dedicated to create the food of the future; genetically modified food will be cultivated and grown so they can possess additional nutrients or to fortify existing ones.