65th birthday celebration of Juan Gabriel

Music, happiness and love for Juan Gabriel.

By Redacción MNN Friday, January 9, 2015 comments

Juan Gabriel, one of the most successful Mexican singer and songwriter, celebrated his 65th birthday, together with his closest friends, including worldwide famous artists and celebrities in a very intimate party held in his house in Riviera Maya, and México News Network had the exclusive coverage of the event.

The six-time GRAMMY Awards nominee warmly received each one of his guests, including celebrities such as singer Prince Royce, Puerto-Rican singer La India, singer Natalia Baeza and Mexico’s ex first lady, Marta Sahagún de Fox, along with other important producers and musicians.

A small stage was placed outside on the house patio where a video highlighting Divo de Juarez’s career was presented and was the official beginning of the celebration. Everyone took a journey through decades of success, remembering some of Juan Gabriel’s greatest hits and movie appearances.

As the evening went through, Alberto Aguilera Valadez, (real name of Juan Gabriel) and friends enjoyed impressive and emotional performances, starting up with a moving show of the Mariachi, who were in charge of opening the presentations. Yolanda del Rio took the microphone to sing “Se me olvidó otra vez” and following her, Mexican movie legend Dora Maria sang “Ah Tabasco”.

Juan Gabriel Cumpleaños

Then, it was the turn for flamenco artists to take on the stage to show their best tunes and moves. Peru Negro followed up next making everybody stand up and dance to the rhythm. The singing didn’t stop there, all of the guests started dancing and singing with the man of the hour, making it a very joyous occasion.

These are just some of the details of the fun and emotional celebration of the great Mexican artist, singer and songwriter, Juan Gabriel!

Wishing you a happy birthday!