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Cancun is the number one destination for Asians!

East and West meet once again, and this time the Mexican Caribbean is responsible for both parties to strengthen bonds between them.

During the past few months, Daum.net –the most important searching engine in Asia–, registered impressive numbers, in regard to the amount of searched for Cancun. In fact, on April 8th, the word Cancun was the most searched for term in Asia!

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Ms. Emily Choi Seo Eun, Director of the Sales Division of Bada Tours stated that Korean’s growing interest for knowing, visiting and traveling to Cancun has been staggering, and is due to the number of articles published about the destination, its gorgeous beaches and fellow comments from other travelers.

Cancun and Riviera Maya’s excellent service has managed to capture the attention of practically everyone in the world! Mainly from celebrities, such as Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, top mode Heidi Klum, Mexican actress Michelle Rodriguez and her partner British model, Cara Delevingne, who have chosen Cancun for their getaway destination!

She also mentioned that Korean tourists are huge fans of luxury, comfort and exclusiveness… They wish to enjoy and visit places where their favorite celebrities have been. They are swamped by excellent service (and seek for it too!), they need a destination to have designer labels and stores, luxurious and high-end facilities and gourmet restaurants.

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Luxury and glamour are one of the main characteristics that make Asians turn to Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean for their holiday destination, since it’s a place as exclusive and fascinating as Hawaii and the Maldives, which are the main tourist destinations Asians seek for.

Japan is slowly followin South Korea’s tourist trend, since they also have a growing interest for this exotic and tropical destination… And who wouldn’t? Who could in fact say no to such a paradisiacal destination?

Cancun doesn’t only provide unique beauty; it provides its visitors an unlimited amount of exciting activities that can only be experienced here… Such as visiting and encountering with cenotes, fascinating underwater caverns.

Just like South Korea and Japan, you can also say YES to Cancun, fall in love with its marvelous beaches and let our luxurious resorts pamper your entire being! Delight upon our exquisite gastronomy and live the most memorable vacations!

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