Laura Álvarez, the Mexican who could be the First Lady of the United Kingdom

Laura Alvarez is a 46-year-old Mexican woman, who in 2020 would become the First Lady of the United Kingdom.

By Valeria Bigurra Tuesday, October 13, 2015 comments


Laura Alvarez is a 46-year-old Mexican woman, who in 2020 could become the First Lady of the United Kingdom.


Laura Alvarez is currently the wife of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader in the UK, but is also an activist, fighting for Human Rights. In London, she’s also dedicated to promoting the trade of eco-coffee in small Mexican cooperatives with her company “Mexican Products”; this labour is mostly done on social networks, especially via Facebook. As part of her daily promotional activities, she includes references to Mexico such as the Aztec Calendar or the pyramids of Teotihuacan.


Laura Alvarez



Although Corbyn has a low political profile, in 2020 he could become the British Prime Minister, and recently announced that his goal is to keep Mexico on the political agenda of the British Parliament to strengthen the relationship differently.


Some British media attributed the interest of the British Labour leader in Latin America, especially in Mexico, to his marriage to Laura Alvarez.


Alvarez also part of the organization “Justice For Mexico Now”, in which many forums regarding issues such as the violation of human rights or censorship of free speech facing the country, are held… All in collaboration with other groups and Mexican citizens.


Although there are not many photographs of Alvarez and Corbyn together on the Internet, both are now in the sights of the British media, due to their increasing interest in Mexico, a country with which the UK currently celebrating its Dual Year.