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Every child, young and adult in Latin America remembers the hilarious adventures of El Chavo del 8, the unique charm of El Doctor Chapatín and the catchy phrases of El Chapulín Colorado… All of these whimsical characters created by the iconic Mexican comedian: Roberto Gomez BolañosChespirito (Ches-pee-REE-to), who sadly passed away on November 28th 2014…

Today, we celebrate the life and journey of such grand personality… But who really was he?

Actor, writer, director and comedian, Roberto Gomez Bolaños was one of the most beloved characters in Latin America because of his clean comedy style. His career was a great success; in over 30 years he wrote numerous scripts for TV, movies and theater.

Roberto Gomez Bolaños, captured the heart of every viewer, his first success in Mexican TV was Los Supergenios de la Mesa Cuadrada (The super genius of the Square Table in English). This is where the world of Chespirito came to life!

chespirito Roberto Gomez Bolaños

El Chapulin Colorado, with his hilarious and iconic phrases, such as “Siganme los Buenos” (The good ones, follow me!) or “No contaban con mi astucia” (You weren’t counting on my cleverness, were you?) opened the homes of Mexican families that gathered every afternoon in front of the television set, to watch the adventures of this original superhero.

But there is no doubt about that Roberto Gomez Bolaños’ greatest work was El Chavo del 8 (The Boy from the Eighth), an orphan child that used to hide inside an empty barrel.

El Chavo was the sensation of thousands of people, who laughed with his innocence and wisecracks. The TV show, was aired on June 20th 1971, and ever since then El Chavo del 8 became famous in every corner of Mexico! With time, the show and El Chavo del 8, gained great popularity in the entire Latin America! In fact it was broadcasted in Greece, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Morocco too.

This TV show took Chespirito and his team on tour across the world, for many years, breaking audience records in each place they went.

Roberto Gomez Bolaños

But why did he use the nickname Chespirito? There is one person to blame for his nickname: Mexican director Agustin Delgado, the mind responsible for it… Agustin used to say that his talent for comedy could be compared to Shakespeare’s… He would then call him a little and Mexican Shakespeare (little because of his short height!), in other words: A Shakespirito! Now you know the truth behind his iconic nickname Chespirito

Sadly due to his health, Roberto had to retire from the stage and turned Cancun into his permanent residence! Nonetheless, he never lost an inch of happiness, charm, joy or innocence and would keep in touch with his fans and create whimsical jokes and continue making us all laugh, through his Twitter Account, where he reached almost 7 million followers!

Unfortunately Mexico’s iconic and legendary comedian passed away on November 28th 2014. The nation, the world and every fan and follower are today mourning him… Nonetheless, a celebration for his life, his journey, his achievements and the memory of him will endure forever in our hearts! Chespirito will continue making us all laugh… May he rest in peace.