Low cost flights from Colombia to Cancun!

VivaColombia expands its routes targeting the Caribbean beaches, due to great demands from Colombian people to travel to these destinations

By Daniel Juarez Monday, July 4, 2016 comments


VivaColombia expands its routes targeting Caribbean beaches!


VivaColombia will open new flight routes from Medellin, which will be fully operational by the second half of 2016 due to great demands from Colombian people to travel and enjoy Caribbean beaches. The airline’s motto, for them to be profitable, is that flights should be low cost so they continue to promote their flights towards the destination. They are making arrangements for June, August and December which are considered the busiest months for scheduled flights in Colombia.


Airbus_A320Original image: “Airbus A320-214, Airbus Industrie JP7617615” by Pedro Aragão under the license CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia.


Three airlines received the approval of Colombia’s Civil Aeronautic Management to operate 16 new national and international routes at the start of the year. Out of all the airlines that work with these destinations, Copa and Avianca operate 15 direct flights per week with a 75% occupation rate, which makes far more profitable for these flights. VivaColombia kept 13 of this assigned routes, which 4 of them are international flights: Medellín-Cancún-Medellín; Cali-Panamá-Cali; Bogotá-Curazao-Bogotá y Bogotá-Santo Domingo-Bogotá.  For the second half of 2016, high season is around the corner for VivaColombia and the time for the new routes to operate from Medellín to Cancun, with four flights per week on an Airbus A380 for 180 people.


Last year at the Fair of International Tourism of Colombia, they made agreements between business men, wholesalers and tour operators for the marketing of attractive packages for tourists, where quality was not compromised by lowered prices.



Original image: VivaColombia logo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons



According to a survey done by an associate’s guild, international sales went to the U.S and their theme parks. Cancun is one of the best tourist spots for Mexico and by far one of the most profitable for Colombian airlines, Panama and Europe. Travel agencies from Colombia made a list with a variety of special offers and packages for summer vacations.


Yet another entrance for an untapped and potentially strong market in Latin America, Mexico opens its doors to diversify an already very diverse culture in tourism.