Mexican entrepreneurship project receives award in France

Latros is an app that will facilitate the entry of young doctors into the labour field.

By Notimex Wednesday, June 20, 2018 comments

A group of students of the Technological Institute and of Superior Studies of Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico City campus, received a recognition during the award ceremony of Digiprize 2018, in France.


This contest is organized by the Superior School of Commercial Sciences of Angers (ESSCA, for its acronym in French) located in France; Mexicans competed against 337 teams from 15 different countries, and in the end they were among the 14 best.

They were the only non-European team to obtain an award, as well as four scholarships to attend a marketing course that will be taught by ESSCA experts at the university’s headquarters in Paris.

The project of young students aims to share information about the quality of different medical services, as well as facilitate the entry of young people into the labor field, among other things, through an app for mobile devices.

The name of the app is Latros, and with it its creators seek to facilitate the process of patients when they must go to the doctor, through a range of options concentrated in a database that, in turn, will feedback from comments from other patients.


They also seek to bring health services to the place where the patient requires them, in addition to offer newly graduated doctors an option to practice their profession and generate an income, as well as gain experience.

The app will include data from doctors, who through a profile will share with other users a description of their training, their location and the cost of the services they offer. On the other hand, patients will show basic information in their profile to receive a medical consultation at home and they can add comments about the doctors’ performance.


Finally, the creators said that in order for a doctor to be able to use the platform, they should check their studies by means of their ID number, and then a quality control will be carried out through forms and interviews with the candidates.

For now Latros is just a project, but seeing the great acceptance that the proposal has received, young people are forming an interdisciplinary team, in order to consolidate their idea and make it a reality.