Mexican kid invents bulletproof backpack

By Jesús Sierra Wednesday, November 30, 2016 comments

Sonic alarm, GPS linked to the parents’ cellphones and even a lamp are some of its accessories.


Creativity and necessity were the drivers that took 11 years old Juan David Hernández Rojas to present its peculiar creation at a science fair: a bulletproof backpack that could save lifes.


mochila anti balas


Little Juan David presented his so called “Security Backpack, the backpack that makes the difference between life, death and abduction” at the ExpoCiencias Tamaulipas as an idea that came up in view of the crime problems his community faces.


mochila anti balas 4Screenshot: “Niño muestra una mochila antibalas en Tamaulipas” by FarandulaTV2, source: YouTube


The kid detailed the characteristics of his invention: a bulletproof steel plate “that could protect you in case a shootout occurs”, an easy access sonic alarm that you can turn on in the event of robbery or kidnapping, a lamp and a charger.


Apart from protecting its bearer, this backpack can put parents at ease in regards of their child’s whereabouts because it has a GPS linked to their cellphones. “In case they might go missing,” he said.



Part of the inspiration for the security backpack came to Juan David through the safety courses imparted at his school, which prepare the youngsters for probable dangerous situations like shootouts.