Mexican shoppers are emotionally driven

By Redacción MXN Monday, February 13, 2017 comments

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A study by The Brand Intimacy Agency found that 90% of decisions before consuming a product are based on what brands make you feel.


Mexicans like to feel spoiled, feel a sense of achievement and feel better connected at the time of purchase, according to a study by The Brand Intimacy Agency.




It seems that emotions do matter when it comes to buying. 90% of the decisions Mexicans make to consume a product or service are based on how brands make them feel, according to a study by The Brand Intimacy Agency (MBLM), a branding agency that measures the level of intimacy brands generate with their buyers.


When you buy a product or choose to use a product, it creates an emotion that triggers the final decision,” said Mario Natarelli, Managing Partner of MBLM.


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The agency measured the 2017 ranking of brands that most connect with Mexicans using the analysis of responses generated by 2,000 Mexicans and classified them into six emotional characteristics that are generated between the buyer and the brand, ranging from Indifference to intimacy.


The emotions in which this ranking is measured are: achievement (it makes sense that it offers a superior service), identity (projects an image of something to which the consumer aspires), optimisation (it makes you feel better: smarter, better able and better connected), ritual (has vital importance in day to day), nostalgia (evokes warm memories) and indulgence (generates a relationship with moments of apapacho and relaxation).


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American Express leads the ranking, because “it has a certain cost, so it has an aspirational component. The brand is built through the service, and makes its customers feel important and accomplished,” explained Rodrigo Diez, MBLM´s senior consultant.


AMEX is followed by Nike and thirdly, Apple, which this year fell a position in the ranking.


According to this MBLM study, by knowing the emotions generated by their products and services, brands are more likely to influence the consumer´s purchasing decision.


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