The Moon, Mars and the Mexicans that will help us reach space

By Notimex Wednesday, August 2, 2017 comments


From July 31 to August 14, a group of 35 young international space professionals, including seven Mexicans, will participate in the Poland Mars Analog Simulation – PMAS 2017 mission.

Gathered in the city of Toruń, Poland, five students from UNAM, one from Tec de Monterrey and one from IPN will participate in research that seeks to help humans live and work on the Martian surface in the future.


Carlos Salicrup (UNAM), Danton Bazaldua (UNAM), Yair Piña (UNAM), Betel Martínez (UNAM), Juan Carlos Mariscal (UNAM), Carmen Félix (Tec de Monterrey) and Walter Calles (IPN) .

25 people will form the Mission Support Centre, who will work with the crew 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The crew is also made up of teams from Puerto Rico, Israel, Spain, France, India, the United States, Mexico and Nigeria.

Danton Bazaldua and Walter Calles will collaborate on the mission with the project “Remote monitoring of vital signs”, this is a monitor vest that will be tested to measure the health and other issues of the astronaut (space telemedicine). Carlos Salicrup will serve as Medical Leader of the Analog Mission and analogous astronaut. Yair Piña, meanwhile, will be a backup astronaut and provide support and assistance to astronauts from the control room.


The Space Generation Advisory Council is concentrated almost 350 kilometres from Warsaw, where the habitat is where they will work and record their experiences.

The analogous Mars project in Poland will be a simulated mission of the planetary surface of the moon and the red planet, which will last two weeks. The first three days will be in lunar mode; The rest of the mission will be in Mars mode.