Mexicans in the US to receive advice on transferring finances

By Notimex Wednesday, March 22, 2017 comments

Officials from the federal government of Mexico opened Monday a program that offers advice to Mexicans in the Tri-State area of ​​New York who intend to move their finances from the United States to the banking system of their country of origin.


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For Mexicans in the United States who have a bank account and who return to Mexico, Condusef has inaugurated an advisory program for compatriots living in the Triest Zone of New York.



According to the president of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef), Mario di Constanzo, the savings of Mexicans in the United States could exceed five billion dollars.



The Mexican government would seek to target a portion of the five million nationals who have a US bank account in case they are deported or voluntarily decide to return to their country of origin.


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A portion of those resources would be directed to Mexico as part of the departure of Mexicans from the United States under the immigration policies of US President Donald Trump.



In this sense, the advice that was inaugurated this Monday in New York, which has already worked in three cities in California and other cities in the southern United States, is to ensure the transparency, legality, efficiency and low cost of those resources to Mexico.


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This program, offered in the financial counters of the consulates, will work in the cities of the United States with the greatest number of Mexicans. It will also have a telephone number through which Mexicans in the United States can obtain information.



“But the most important advice will be what to do in terms of your finances in the face of the situation that has arisen in the United States because of threats from Donald Trump and his immigration policies,” said Di Constanzo.