Mexico makes 1st satellite connection with Morelos 3!

By Valeria Bigurra Wednesday, June 22, 2016 comments


On Tuesday June 14, Mexico held its first communication connection of a video call via satellite with the Morelos 3.


With this event the unit formally started its operations to strengthen national security communications, as this satellite will serve to the Cisen agencies, the Department of Defense, the Semar, the SCT, the PGR and the Federal Police.




The Morelos 3 will aim to help combat the illegal activities of organized crime and provide support in the event of natural disasters, as it will serve the national security of Mexico, and can support hard to reach areas.


During the activation event of the Morelos 3, a satellite transmission with Mexico Army troops – who were patrolling and inspecting transporters on the road from Tijuana to Tecate- was performed.


Heriberto Ramon Anaya, lieutenant colonel of the second military zone of Baja California, said the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) takes this type of operation to reduce violence, because this area is a jurisdiction of utmost importance for being at the border with the United States.




Another connection that was made through Morelos 3 was with the Admiral Carlos Humberto Diaz Gutierrez, who was in the Archipelago Revillagigedo Islands in the Pacific Ocean.


The Morelos 3 satellite was launched aboard a rocket Atlas-V 421 on October 2, 2015, from the base of the US Air Force Cape Canaveral, Florida. It has a weight of 5.3 tons and operates in the frequency band called L band, which has optimal technical conditions for mobile communications between people, land, sea and air transport.


Morelos 3 was manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems International, is operated by Mexican engineers of Telecomm from the satellite control centers in Iztapalapa and Hermosillo, and according to its creators, will have a useful life of 15 years.