Mexico’s brand leaders are worth over 418 billion pesos

By Notimex Saturday, April 29, 2017 comments

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Key growth sectors are telecoms, IT, retail food and beverages


Interbrand´s study “Best Mexican Brands 2017” has revealed that Corona beer, valued at 84.1 billion pesos, is Mexico´s highest valued brand.




In second place was the cellular company Telcel, worth 60.8 billion pesos, followed by Oxxo, valued at 43.8 billion pesos and Telmex, with 38.6 billion pesos.



Also, six new companies were added to the list: Lala, Bachoco, Volaris, Ban Regio, Rotoplas and Nutrisa.


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To generate the national ranking, Interbrand analysed 25 brands, which together exceed 418.72 billion pesos this year.



In terms of value by industry sector, the telecommunications and IT sector led the ranking, with a combined value of 99.5 billion pesos and was represented by Telcel and Telmex. The second highest valued sector is the beverage industry, where Corona and El Jimador are the brand leaders  totalling 89.5 billion pesos.


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The retail sector – which includes companies specialized in mass marketing of products and services, such as Oxxo, Bodega Aurrera, Liverpool, Superama, Suburbia, Sanborns and Nutrisa, was ranked third with 83billion pesos.



Gonzalo Brujó CEO of Interbrand commented that, “Mexican brands do not understand borders, and are making efforts to innovate and leave their comfort zone, to continue to grow in direct benefit of the growth of their businesses”.