Mexico and Germany, closer than ever

By Notimex Thursday, August 4, 2016 comments

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Dual Year 2016 – 2017


In April, President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Year of Mexico in Germany, which was the beginning of an ambitious program to showcase our country in all of its facets. This will give out a more complete and contemporary image of Mexico to the world as well as generate innovative initiatives for the future.


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The celebration for the Dual Year Mexico – Germany 2016-2017 will basically strengthen our alliance with the European country. A platform will be stablished to broaden the mutual understanding between countries and to deepen the exchange and collaboration between our societies, also to intensify the political dialogue.


It is planned to build a future in common, for it to be sustainable so that this way we’d be able to face the challenges of the 21st Century together. This will happen through cultural, economic, scientific and academic activities in both countries.


Germany is the first main commercial partner in the European Union for Mexico, and in return, Mexico has placed itself as Germany’s closest Hispanic economic partner. Our country is the only one in Latin America that has free trade agreements with Germany, for investment protection and to avoid double taxation.


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A broad agenda has been stablished, given the diversity of the bond between the two countries, this agenda has three categories: 1) Commerce, investigation and tourism 2) Education, science and innovation 3) Art and creative industries.


Our bilateral cooperation relationship is to be looked up to, we’ve successfully dabbled in triangular cooperation projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. With all of this in mind and based in a joint agenda  founded on the principles of creativity, productivity, sustainable development and the promotion of democracy and human rights is how the Dual Year was stablished.