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Mexico’s creativity is recognized worldwide… One of the greatest examples of it was Roberto Gomez Bolaños, also known as, Chespirito: The man responsible for causing laughter in several generations among Latin Americans and other countries around the world.

Creating many characters, shows, stories… All part of a great legacy. One of the biggest stars of his repertoire is El Chavo del 8 (translated as The Boy from the Eighth in English) from which a brand new animated series developed: El Chavo Animado, produced by Televisa together with Ánima Estudios. The program was launched in 2006 and has aired 135 episodes! El Chavo Animado is an animated series that has touched the hearts of many, given an extra dose of life to this whimsical character and has extended the work of Chespirito.

el chavo animado

The production company who took the famous show to an animated series is Ánima Estudios, one of the largest and most prestigious animation studios in Latin America, established in 2002 by Fernando de FuentesJose C. Garcia de LetonaFernando Perez GavilanGuillermo Cañedo White and Federico Unda.

Ánima Estudios began in the advertising world, doing animation for commercial segments. In fact, the company initiated its operations as a startup company, after having received government support and also from third party distributors, such as 20th Century Fox. In the year 2003, backed up by the before-mentioned, Ánima Estudios released their first animated movie called Wizards and Giants. Since then, they have released 8 other movies and several feature series. In fact 2 of them are transmitted abroad: El Chavo Animadoand Teenage Fairytale Dropouts.

Their upcoming projects include another animated version of Chespirito’s creations: El Chapulín Colorado animated series, as well as the CG sequel Top Cat Begins; both projects will be released in 2015. The production company has also developed TV miniseries, web series, mobile apps and a videogame, starring El Chavo and friends.

anima estudios

Ánima Estudios is a clear example on how Mexico is betting on creative industries and has turned into the only country in Latin America to export creative goods, among 20 of the main exporting countries around the world. According to a report done by PricewaterhouseCoopers, creative economies are expected to grow an 8.9% by 2016.

Creative industries are those where creativity and intellectual capital is used as a vital element for the creation, production and marketing of goods and services to generate economic value. In Mexico, creative industries represented in 2012 an economic impact of 15,744 million dollars and it is estimated to grow 7.3% by 2016. The creative sector is the 5th industry generating economic returns, just after aerospaceagriculturefood and the automotive industries.