Mexico’s national police force launches a new training plan

A few days ago the Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong launched the National Plan for Training for Police in the Criminal Justice System, in order that the elements are able to meet the task of protecting citizens.

By Notimex Wednesday, October 14, 2015 comments

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A few days ago the Secretary of the Interior Miguel Angel Osorio Chong launched the National Plan for Training Police Forces within the Criminal Justice System, in order for elements of the force, to be able to adequately protect citizens


One of the things the police force will learn, is the appropriate methods for the collection of evidence; the new training plan includes the provision of skills and knowledge required by the new model. Even though a policeman isn’t officially working for justice per se, we need to ensure that they don’t obstruct the process, in doing so, due to a bad proceeding.


Policia Mexico


With this program they seek to strengthen Mexican institutions and thus contribute to consolidate the rule of law, because people need to have a close, timely, and transparent justice process, which at the same time offers equal treatment to all citizens, and respect human rights and dignity, also being effective and impartial.


The federal official, according to an article by Notimex, said that these elements will become key factors to achieve and efficient justice system, in which Mexicans have placed their attention.


The program is part of a commitment between the 32 states and is expected to achieve the training of the 350,000 elements that are part of the state and municipal corporations.