Nayarit prepares for the arrival of hurrican “Patricia”

By Valeria Bigurra Friday, October 23, 2015 comments


Hurricane Patricia, is considered by experts as the “most powerful hurricane than has ever existed on the history of the planet”, this according to the director of the National Water Commission (Conagua).


After various tests it was determined that there is no hurricane, worldwide, whose winds have reached speeds as the ones in “Patricia”.


The authorities of the cities that will be affected by it are currently working hard so that they can reduce the damage.


The classes in the state of Nayarit were suspended this Friday. Patricia reached Thursday night category 5 and the Secretariat of State Government issued a special declaration of emergency in 12 of its municipalities.


PATRICIAThe image is: The Weather Channel


According to data of the Conagua, the hurricane will affect mostly Colima, Jalisco and southern Nayarit, and the eye of the hurricane is expected to enter in the municipality of Bahia de Banderas.


The Ministry of Tourism of Nayarit, also urges tourists to stay informed about the shelters, in addition to approach the authorities for help and information about what they should do.


Likewise, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) reported that through the National Civil Protection System is maintaining coordination with the Secretariat of National Defense, the Secretary of the Navy, the Interior Ministry, the National Water Commission, the Ministry of Health, Civil Protection, and state and municipal governments.


Also CFE also announced that it has deployed 2,500 workers, 152 cranes, 410 vehicles, 15 all-terrain vehicles, four helicopters and 84 emergency plants in the states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Colima and Nayarit, with the aim of strengthening the plan before the arrival of meteorological phenomenon, besides well prepared with additional staff to address the potentially affected areas.


Another action taken by the CFE are the permanent monitoring of the evolution of the hurricane and identifying areas of possible impact, in addition to the implementation of Strategic Operations Centers for timely decision making and identification of priority users such as hospitals, gas stations, fire departments, among others.


Civil Protection also announced the emergency telephone numbers.


Phone assistance:

The telephone number of shelters in Jalisco is the 01322-224-7701; the 01312-313-0311, for Colima, and the 01311-133-0381 for Nayarit.


Besides the phone number 088, Citizen Service Center, will be available for the entire population nationwide.


Also in Nayarit, shelter locations can be found on the website