New Passenger Rights Bill in force to protect airline travelers in Mexico

By Notimex Wednesday, June 28, 2017 comments

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New legal provisions have just come into force to protect users of air travel.


As of Tuesday, changes to the laws that allow air travellers to require reimbursement came into force meaning airlines operating in Mexico will face strict penalties if their passengers suffer delays of more than 60 minutes.



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Airlines will have 90 business days starting June 27 to adjust their procedures to comply with these measures, that is, until the last week of October.



On Monday, the Federal Official Gazette (DOF) published amendments to the Civil Aviation Act and the Federal Consumer Protection Law where passenger rights are created and, among other things, fines for unregulated take-offs.



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The decree says that in case of a delay of more than one hour and less than two hours with respect to the departure time stipulated in airline tickets, companies must compensate for their own policies, but minimum must include discounts on subsequent flights towards the contracted destination and / or food and beverages.



In case of two to four hours, the airlines will have to compensate with a 7.5 percent discount on a future trip to the same destination.



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If the delay is four hours or more, companies have to reimburse the value of the affected route, offer substitute transportation, accommodation if required and ground transportation to and from the airport.



In all three options, companies will give 25 percent of the value of the delayed flight.



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The Federal Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) will have to install information modules in each of the country’s air terminals and airlines will have 90 days to adapt procedures to comply with the modifications of law, says the decree.



Among other rights, include access on board with two suitcases, and a documented suitcase of no more than 25 kilograms.