Nissan breaks sales record in Mexico

By Notimex Monday, May 22, 2017 comments

nissan breaks record 2

With 406, 995 units sold, the Japanese brand achieved a new record.


Nissan Mexicana closed the fiscal year with 406,995 units sold, which was a record for the Japanese brand in Mexico. The company reached a market share of almost 25%, said Mayra Gonzalez, president of the company.


nissan breaks record


The company expects strong performance for the rest of 2017, although April surprised the entire industry by recording a fall that was not reported for 35 months, said the directive after the launch of its super sports car Nissan GT-R, known as ‘Godzilla’.



Gonzalez acknowledged that this year will not see growth of 20% as in 2016, however, they are awaiting the performance shown by the industry.



Regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), he indicated that for the moment there are no changes in their exports, since they need to wait for the commercial changes between Mexico and the United States to materialize.


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Regarding the cancellation of the production of its Tsuru, the president of the automotive firm said that they look for to give way to the intelligent mobility, reason why they decided to launch Nissan GT-R.



This last May, the last production of that car was carried out, which for years flooded the streets and highways of our country.


nissan breaks record 2



“Taking the decision to end Tsuru and have GT-R is a sign that Nissan is evolving towards smart mobility,” said the president.



All this happened a year after Mayra González assumed the position as president of Nissan Mexicana.