No more blaming the public transport for your tardiness in CDMX

By Valeria Bigurra Tuesday, November 22, 2016 comments

Apps unite to report even the Metrobus arrival in real time


Moving in Mexico City sometimes is a little complicated, especially in terms of calculating times, as there are no established transportation schedules and it is difficult to know when they will appear.


moovit SinTraficoOriginal Image, source: Official Facebook page for Sin Tráfico


Many factors affect mobility in Mexico City, as it depends on weather, traffic, and the number of people, among other things. Faced with this problem, the Israeli app Moovit joined the Mexican app “Sin Trafico”, a startup that owns the country’s largest real-time data network.


In this way Moovit will now have minute-by-minute information about the Metro and the “Metrobús” network in the CDMX, allowing users to calculate their arrival times, as well as knowing when the transport will arrive approximately.


Moovit2Original Image, source: Official Facebook page for Moovit


Moovit worked with each city’s General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), detailed plans on available transports, routes, stops and intersections, and also collected crowdsourced information from users and thus created patterns of people’s behavior to provide the best service through the platform.


Now the app will also allow users to check the estimated time of arrival of the Metro, Metrobus, Trolleybus and even the availability of the Ecobicis, as well as knowing the approximate number of people coming in the transport.


MoovitOriginal Image, source: Official Facebook page for Moovit

This is a first step to create an app that allows the unification of other apps that provide information on transportation, or provide services to users, and is an important step forward for Mexico City in its transition to an Intelligent City.