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Athlete Norma Bastidas and her long fight against human trafficking

Mexican-Canadian athlete, Norma Bastidas, will face one of the biggest challenges in her career, as she will travel 5 thousand 690 kilometers in 45 days with the objective of bringing together authorities and society against the human trafficking worldwide.

It is estimated that there are 27 million victims of human trafficking in the world; children, men, women are used and sold daily for sexual exploitation and slavery.

This kind of modern slavery cannot be allowed and international non-governmental organizations, like iEmpathize work every day in social campaigns to eliminate this disease from society.

Norma Bastidas Gran Reto

Norma joins this social cause as a survivor of abuse and sexual violence by accepting to break David Holleran’s record for the world’s greatest ultra-marathon. This Australian athlete completed 42 kilometers of swimming, 2 thousand kilometers of cycling and 500 kilometers running, a total of 2 thousand 541 kilometers.

This time, Norma will try and break the record by completing a 5 thousand 690 kilometers athletic circuit. The starting point for this challenging trip is Cancun, where she will start swimming for 4 days a total distance of 152 kilometers, then she will ride on the bicycle toward Mexico City and Laredo, where she will cross the border by March 24th… Nonetheless her trip doesn’t finish there since she will traverse Texas and Louisiana and have completed a total distance of 4,404 kilometers on bike. In Alabama, she’ll drop her bike and continue her journey toward Washington, sprinting.

Norma is seeking to turn into the spokeswoman of thousands of people who are currently trapped by criminal organizations from all over the world, and show them they can survive this kind of slavery.

“After finishing with my very own ultra-marathon, my life could go back to normal, but survivors and victims have to endure and conquest, beating great challenges daily”

Norma Bastida Triatlon