Mexican surgeon develops this amazing product useful in diabetes care.

By Notimex Tuesday, January 27, 2015 comments

In Mexico, 42 billion pesos are allocated to the treatment of diabetes, as this has become the second cause of death in this country. Fortunately after an eleven-year research process, Mexican surgeon Jorge Cueto Garcia developed an extremely innovative product that prevents limb amputations caused by diabetic foot.

This gel is a one-of-a-kind product, which has proved to be extremely effective for reverting several symptoms, such as intense pain and swelling, as long as the infection process is not too advanced.

In addition it also heals ailments like pus secretions on patients who suffer from legs with varicose veins, caused by aging, obesity or a sedentary lifestyle.


For nine years Dr. Cueto Garcia subjected this product to investigation and testing at the Juarez Hospital in Mexico City, and finally he could prove that the natural substance contained in it, is highly effective for eliminating the infection process… That’s how the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks granted the patent under the name of Pebisut.

Cueto Garcia explains that Pebisut can be highly effective for healing small or more extended ulcers, as long as the necrosis hasn’t reached the bones, joints or blood irrigation, which would make it extremely difficult to avoid the limb amputation.

Once Pebisut is applied to the affected area, the recovery becomes evident after the fifth day! However, there have been some extreme cases where ulcers may heal significantly quick, and in approximately three months the patient could regain the functions lost by diabetic foot.

Jorge Cueto Garcia

Dr. Cueto expressed that apart from applying Pebisut, the patients must follow a strict diet in order to keep their sugar levels stable, and must have a careful surgical hygiene, so that the injuries won’t appear again.

Diabetic foot treatment requires the intervention of a multidisciplinary staff. This is a serious ailment, even worse than pancreas or colon cancer”, said Cueto Garcia, addressing the importance of paying attention to diabetes care.