The power Mexican people have in and outside of their country

By Notimex Wednesday, July 27, 2016 comments

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Either in the United States or in Mexico, the power of voting makes us stronger


Exercising our vote, no matter what our beliefs or posture may be, is a right we have as citizens of Mexico and we can make it happen even if we are not physically in the country, either temporarily or definitely, the future of our nation depends on our actions as responsible and conscious citizens. Voting gives us power.


voting R


In the case of the United States, currently 34.6 million Mexican people live there, according to data given out by INE, out of those, 22.4 million are over 18, the voting age and from those, 11.7 million of these Mexicans were born in the States and are able to vote in both countries if they register in the electoral census. The rest of them, the 10.4 million born in Mexico, can only vote in the Mexican elections.


The Mexican electoral census is composed by 81 million Mexicans, with their credential, even though there is no exact data that tells us how many of those 22.4 million Mexican people that live in the States have a voting credential but, if all of those people exercise their right to vote, those are all potential votes towards change.


During the 2012 elections, Barack Obama ones, only 60% of the Mexican people registered to vote in the States, nevertheless, 71% of the votes for Obama where Hispanic, this goes to show how important participating is, how meaningful every vote is and the magnitude of the Hispanic community vote, the results are clear in the elections, the power is in our hands. Same goes for this year’s elections…


It’s been seen through the years that many Mexican people as they go to the States, they lose interest in their native country’s politics and rights as Mexicans, even if they have family back home or ever plan on going back. They become interested in their new country’s elections and politics, which is also important but they shouldn’t be completely losing track of their own nation’s. Even with that detachment many go through, there are still many Mexican people still interested in their country’s elections, the Mexican Organizations in the States have fought for years to make their political rights exercised in Mexico.