By Notimex Wednesday, January 22, 2014 comments

The Fundacion Rafa Marquez (a philanthropic organization created by soccer player Rafael Marquez) will seek to bring over 6,000 families from North America- US and Canada- for the year 2014, through their Vacaciones Inolvidables program. Part of the income from these sales will be destined directly to his cause, which supports education, the development of sports and fights against hunger, focusing on the children of El SaltoTonala and Zamora in the state of Jalisco and Michoacan.

With the support and collaboration of Yucatan Holidays and Cancun’s Conventions and Visitors Bureau, they will seek to increase the number of benefitted children, and even open up new dining halls to support more kids, because they are already established in 30 counties of the nation, including a few in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

The year 2014 will certainly be a football soccer year, because with the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, the foundation may be slightly jeopardized; nonetheless the CEO of Yucatan Holidays announced that far from looking at it with such perspective, see it as an opportunity to grow, into Latin America and broaden over that market.

Estimates indicate that this year, Brazilian tourists will travel more and increase their overall activity, because some Brazilians would rather escape from the hustling and hectic of the World Cup than stay. Another factor to consider that would bring more tourists into the destination, is the official elimination of the visa between Mexico and Brazil, and an increase in the number of flights between both destinations.

During the year 2013, Brazilian tourists registered a significant increase in their traveling activity, and this year hoteliers in the area expect to receive between 4 and 5 thousand Brazilians, dying and eager to encounter with the Mexican Caribbean. 90% of visitors from this nation opt for Cancun and Riviera Maya for vacations, positioning as number two Mexico City as their favorite destination.

The development of promotional campaigns like Vacaciones Inolvidables (meaning in English Unforgettable Vacations) will contribute toward a better future for children, and will also generate important revenue for the destination. In rough numbers, the foundation in the year 2012 generated income of 3 million pesos for Cancun.