New variety show for Hispanic community.

By Notimex Tuesday, March 31, 2015 comments

Mexican actress, TV host and comedian, Roxanna Castellanos, will be starring in her own variety show, produced by Cisneros Studios, an independent producer of Spanish-language programming in the United States, much of which is broadcasted on Univisión.

The new show, titled Roxanna, will feature mixed content with funny situations, celebrity interviews, monologues, comic sketches, contests and musical performances. It will also display discussions on different viewpoints of life situations, of course with Roxanna’s own personal touch.

Castellanos has been part of Mexican show business for almost 20 years now, making inroads in the comedic late night talk show show, Otro Rollo, hosted by fellow comedy star, Adal Ramones. Roxanna started her career in theater, which has been a big part of her life throughout her media career. However, she has also participated in a variety of morning shows, telenovelas (soap operas) and other comedy shows, always featuring her characteristic sense of humor and charming personality.

Roxanna Castellanos new show

It’s an honor and pleasure to have Roxanna Castellanos as part of the Cisneros Studios team,” stated the Executive Vice President of Operations of Cisneros Studios, Juan Carlos Sosa, in reference to Castellanos. “Her high level of professionalism, kindness, sensitivity and humility are a combination that will have an immediate impact and connect with Hispanic audiences.”

Roxanna Castellanos is reportedly thrilled to be participating in this show. “When news came to me about this show, I immediately knew that this was my life project,” she stated in a communiqué from Cisneros. “To be able to be behind a show that bears my name represents so many things to me. I want to demonstrate all I have learned throughout my career. I want to be me, just as I am… I want people to see the real Roxanna”.

To which she also added, “This show is a dream I had more than 20 years ago, to make television for Hispanics living in the United States. Today, I know that dream come true… so I’m putting all my heart into this show,” quoted at the official press release from Cisneros Studios.

We sincerely wish Roxanna the best and the biggest success on this new venture as the host of her own show. Stay tuned on further information on Roxanna´s upcoming pilot.