Santiago PerezGrovas, the first photographer to appear on the cover of Playboy

The Mexican’s work can be seen in the publication’s June edition.

By Valeria Tenorio Thursday, May 31, 2018 comments

The Mexican’s work can be seen in the publication’s June edition.  


The Mexican photographer Santiago PerezGrovas has just made history. Not only has he taken photos for one of the most coveted publications, but moreover he has become the first photographer in the world to ever appear on the cover of Playboy.


Santiago 1Imagen original, fuente: Cuenta de Twitter Santiago PerezGrovas


With over a million followers on Instagram, PerezGrovas is part of a new generation of photographers that has won fame and popularity thanks to the internet. In fact, it was in  2011 that the 28 year old decided to leave behind his career as an architect in order to dedicate himself to becoming a full time photographer.



Thanks to a friend that asked him to create her personal portfolio, Santiago realised that he had an enormous talent and love for the art of photography. Such has been the acclaim for his work that women from all over the world have since clamoured to get him to take their photos.


According to the artist’s own ideology, his goal first and foremost is to highlight his model’s femininity and sensuality while maintaining a natural air.  He has said on more than one occasion that he prefers to use natural light filters rather than flash or reflectors.


Santiago 2Imagen original, fuente: Cuenta de Twitter Santiago PerezGrovas


PerezGrovas’ work can be admired by everyone and he publishes daily updates to his Instagram account of women in swimwear or underwear. His work has been widely published in a range of magazines like Esquire, Soho, TimeOut, Maxim, Life & Style, among others.


The shoot that he has just completed for the June edition of Playboy Mexico was conducted in Bacalar and Tulum and features PerezGrovas on the cover as well as the American model Amberleigh West. The Argentinian models Justina Pons and Pau Alonzo, are also featured.