Artificial Intelligence could predict the life time of a person

This neural network can analyze patient data from hospitals

By Redacción MNN Thursday, June 28, 2018 comments

Advances within Artificial Intelligence have led several companies to implement it within various areas, and now Google has opted to incorporate it into healthcare.

Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence software with the capacity to determine the probabilities of a patient surviving after entering a medical centre, using data such as the patient’s age, gender, race and preliminary diagnosis.

Based on that information, the software can determine, with up to 95 percent accuracy, the odds of a person remaining alive for the next 24 hours.

The use of this tool will be fundamental mainly for patients that enter the emergency room or with serious injuries, since in the future it could not only determine the life time of a person, but also help doctors to make decisions.

Machine Learning uses its algorithm to mix the patients’ data with their vital signs, and with their medical history, in addition to having the ability to compare with other similar cases, as well as studies, predictions and even notes from other doctors, so that a conclusion can be reached.

Finally, another advantage of this software is that it allows us to know the number of days that each patient could remain hospitalized, which will serve hospitals for the organization of patients.