Carlos Slim envisions U.S. TV Channel “For Mexicans by Mexicans”

By Notimex Tuesday, January 24, 2017 comments

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is launching a new Spanish language television nework in the Unoted States in an effort to compete with giants Univision and Televisa.




The channel, called Nuestra Visión, (Our Vision) will feature programming “tailored specifically to the Mexican audience with 100 per cent Mexican content,” said Publicidad y Contenido Editorial, which is launching the station.



The company´s strategy is to specifically target 35 million Mexican-Americans, the largest segment of the US Hispanic audience, by offering 100% Mexican content made by Mexicans.




The content that will be broadcast on the new television station will be partly provided by Claro Sports and Uno TV, both also properties of the Mexican Tycoon.



Nuestra Vision will broadcast news, movies and sports highlights, America Movil said, stressing the company’s pledge to be “100 percent” Mexican and promote Mexico’s heritage.




Slim, a major force in pay TV in Latin America, has been kept out of the Mexican market by regulators wary of the financial muscle he can bring to bear from his telecoms empire.



The Mexican population represents the most significant segment of Hispanic minorities in the United States,” said Victor Herrera, Nuestra Visión’s president. He sees the new channel having a wide audience “reaching every age group”.