Carlos Slim will invest millions in Latin-America

By Daniel Juarez Thursday, August 4, 2016 comments

Carlos Slim prensa

…we must enrich the content and improve the connectivity in all Latin-American towns…” says the billionaire.


The Mexican business titan, Carlos Slim, will seek to invest in 18 countries of Latin-America to improve several sectors -including telecommunications- with the giant amount of 8,000 million dollars scattered throughout the region. This was announced during the presentation of his free educational platform in Panama.


Carlos Slim prensa


Part of these investments will be destined for promotional purposes and free training in different fields or job positions on behalf of Slim’s companies. The main goal is to expand the telecommunications network which will serve to keep nurturing the telephonic infrastructure of the continent.


The market today demands a higher number of data consumption according to Salvador Cortés, executive director of Regional Units of America, a company owned by Slim.


And according to the GSMA –an organization of mobile operators GSM- it is estimated the number of data consumers is roughly around 634 million in Latin-American and about 10% of those people live out of reach of basic 3G and 4G networks, which represents 64 million without this service. But it is also estimated that 33%, roughly around 207 million, have basic network services but limited connectivity, and with a market so big out in the open, Slim will not let this opportunity slip.


One of the billionaire’s main objectives is to invest in rising economies like Panama and Chile, whose respective middle class citizens are starting to redefine themselves with bigger incomes compared to other countries.


Carlos Slim


“A while ago I was having a conversation about how middle classes are forming and strengthening in Panama and that’s very important for countries so they can have a strong and sustainable development and thus keep growing with the appropriate feedback” said Salvador to Forbes.


The idea to keep strengthening middle classes is another of Slim’s objective, who sees his website as his only chance to achieve it:


“For me it is so clear, we must enrich the content and improve the connectivity in all Latin-American towns, that’s what this website ( is intended for”.



The free educational platform is already available for access, and if you’re a client on one of Slim’s network companies like Telmex and America Móvil, you can use it free from data consumption as a reward for brand loyalty.