The venture between the Mexican Jaime Ibiza and Disney is paying dividends

Ibiza’s creations could reach all of Disney’s theme parks.

By Valeria Tenorio Friday, June 29, 2018 comments

The Tapatío designer Jaime Ibiza is in talks to sell his bags in all Disney theme parks, according to El Financiero.

“They approached us and when they saw that we are a family business and that quality products were made, they were interested in collaborating with us”, said the designer who also assured that, although their bags are not made of leather and are fast fashion, they are avant-garde products with wide options in colours and shapes.

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The alliance with the House of Mouse has brought great benefits to the designer, as Ibiza has not only created a line that includes classic Disney characters such as Mickey and Mimi Mouse, but the venture has also given him the opportunity to launch a collection encompassing the Coco movie.

“I was inspired by the crafts of Chiapas and Nayarit, in their colour and in the different fabrics, we even made special braids for the bags,” said Ibiza.

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It is no surprise the success that this designer has achieved over the last two years, has expanded his creations into other countries such as El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Chile.

Among the products that are on sale besides handbags include; diaper bags, suitcases, wallets and cosmetics, with prices ranging from 1,000 to three thousand pesos.