Why is social media an important and powerful marketing tool?

By Daniel Juarez Wednesday, June 22, 2016 comments

Social media impact in Mexican companies!


Social media –especially Facebook- has become a place where many companies have successfully built a strong online presence, and most of them rely on Facebook. Though it isn’t the biggest or the sure fire way to become a successful business, there are other tools out there with just-as-strong online presence.


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Although Facebook has been one of the main platforms for this marketing behavior, entrepreneurs have largely been underutilizing other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, due to their inherently visual nature they provide an excellent potential for business. For example: The travel search website Hipmunk released a study in which it revealed where millennials get their travel ideas. The data shows the potential of social media platforms other than Facebook: The study found that 44% of millennials get their travel inspiration from YouTube videos, 28% from Instagram.


It’s a new way to do business, through “free” online platforms, you create a new market though ingenious and unconventional ways, other than just a mere ad placed at some page. Social media offers a new way of mass exposure; through carefully crafted digital campaigns.


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In Mexico, you can watch how this phenomenon evolved into one of the main marketing tools where different companies destine their budgets to. Grupo Bimbo, one of the biggest Mexican companies that understands the importance of having a well-run digital campaign. They created an incredibly successful ad for Facebook and YouTube using a mix of David Guetta, Dash Berlin and Armin Van Buuren’s music and also added the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” characters to the promotional video. Sales boosted considerably after its release.


Aeroméxico, an airline and also one of the biggest companies in Mexico, has 70% of their clients booking online, so that means social media makes a huge impact to their quality of their service, they contribute with constant Q&As that as of today, it’s how they resolve most of their customers issues and complaints.



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And for the last example, Grupo Modelo, the biggest Mexican beer manufacturer, has managed their social media accounts responsibly due to the unrestrained access of minors to their campaigns. Although that hasn’t stopped them whatsoever; they created the Corona Music project, which through YouTube videos, showcased the Corona Capital music festival without actually showing a single alcoholic beverage. Needless to say the project was successful as well.


Social media must not be overlooked by its simplicity of its interface; it’s one of the biggest untapped markets at a relatively arm’s reach.