Space Tourism… Now in Cancun!

Experience a Suborbital Flight and feel Zero Gravity!

By Notimex Monday, March 24, 2014 comments

Experience a Suborbital Flight and feel Zero Gravity!

Cancun is getting ready for a new tourism alternative, which will be introduced into the market in the next eight months –tops! This is space tourism, which means that visitors will now be able to live new and exciting experiences on board a suborbital flight in Cancun, and feel –literally– no gravity! Only a few places in the world are able to provide such wonderful and different experience, such as United States, Europe and Russia, but now it’s available in Cancun!

Turismo Espacial Cancun

Suborbital Flights are a very important –practically basic– part of space tourism, which is a market niche that has gained great popularity during the past few months, mainly because people are now more interested on living new and exciting experiences, out of this world! This suborbital flight is on board a Boeing 737 that ascends over 100 kilometers off the surface off the earth, where space officially starts; thereon, it starts descending at free fall, causing the no gravity effect, for a time lapse of 20-30 seconds.

Mr. Roberto Gomez Silva, the director of the SpaceCorp Project and president of the Space Tourism Society – Mexico, guaranteed that there are 2 crafts that are already offering suborbital flights, each one with a seating capacity for up to 30 people. The entire experience will last two hours, with 12 parabolas each, meaning that one will be able to feel the no gravity sensation twelve times in two hours.

Cancun Turismo Espacial

Those who have experienced suborbital flights strongly express that it’s an extraordinary feeling, because “one floats as if in space”, but in a very safe craft with the adequate personnel.

Mr. Gomez Silva stated that even some scenes from the movie Apollo 13 were filmed in crafts like these, (today in Cancun), to capture the no gravity effect. During the past few months, a video from 21-year-old model Kate Upton posing in a swimsuit as if she was in space, became viral and also made even more popular space tourism!

Each trip will cost $3,000 USD, and regulations and paperwork mean to be fully consolidated in less than 8 months!

Vuelo Suborbital Cancun