Torre Reforma, the tallest building in the CDMX

By Valeria Bigurra Wednesday, June 8, 2016 comments

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This new building located in Paseo de la Reforma has 57 levels.


For 12 years, La Torre Mayor was considered the tallest building in the City of Mexico with 225 meters, but with the creation of the Torre Reforma it passed to second place.


torre reforma

Original Image: “Torre Reforma” by Torre Reforma Gallery,  via Torre Reforma. 


This new building located in Paseo de la Reforma measures 246 meters, has 57 levels and is located on the side of the Torre Mayor. Within this tower will be a rentable area of ​​45,000 square meters of offices, of which over 60% is already leased.


Torre Reforma began receiving its new tenants of the US biopharmaceutical Baxalta last May 2, while other companies such as IOS Offices and SC Johnson, continue to make adjustments to the spaces. The building has a 1,021 parking drawers located in nine basements.


According to the creators, this tower aims to become an innovative project that gives renown to the City of Mexico; it is a skyscraper that blends the softness of its design with the dynamism of its spaces and imposing height. The project was designed by architect Benjamin Romano, from the LBR & Architects office, and is owned by the fund Hexa and private investors.


torre reforma cdmxOriginal Image: “Torre Reformaby Torre Reforma Gallery,  via Torre Reforma. 


It is important to mention that one of the biggest challenges that its construction had, was the movement of the Gothic mansion of 1929, as it occupied part of the land where the tower was to be located.


This home is listed for its historical and artistic value, and had to be moved 18 meters, so a platform that could hold 700 kilos per cm2 was built, and once in its new location the house was rehabilitated under the supervision of the INBA, and now it also forms part of the commercial area of ​​the tower.


Within this historic building will be a MacStore that will occupy two levels.


The Torre Reforma will also have 5,000 m2 of commercial space, which are already fully leased, and in one of the basement there will be a innovative fast food area, plus the first four floors of the tower will be occupied by a gym by Sport City brand, which will operate under the concept of Executive Club.