Interjet is the first airline in America to introduce the Electric Green Taxiing System… A special measure that reduces CO2 emissions.

By Notimex Tuesday, April 22, 2014 comments

Did you know that airplanes are large contaminants? If you love nature and lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle, then we have excellent news for you!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel without the guilt over your shoulder of the environmental impact in every trip? Let’s keep in mind that airplanes are strong contaminants and are also one of (if not the number one) mean of transportation in the world… They are efficient, time saving and very comfortable! With this said, the pollution generated in every regular flight, is somewhat of a concern since they strongly and negatively impact the environment.


British scientists estimate that by the year 2050, airplanes will be one of the strongest causes of global warming, due to the strong CO2 emissions.

Nonetheless, with technological advances and great investments in research, the answer is somewhat clear now… To reduce CO2 emissions from airplanes, companies like Honeywell and Safran have developed a special system that will allow airlines to save on fuel, meaning that crafts will now reduce their CO2 emissions.

It’s a system better known as Electric Green Taxiing System or EGTS and is an extraordinary advance in the field! EGTS will allow aircrafts to move from the embarking gate to the landing field without using the main motors or towing trucks. This is achieved through an electric system that generates enough energy to move the entire craft, improving also shifting times.

EGTS Interjet

This will generate great benefits for the craft; nonetheless travelers will also receive a great award, since they will generate energy savings and time, as well as a reduction in the noise caused by propellers.

Some companies have already introduced this system, Airlines like Easy Jet, Air France and GoAir. A few days ago, Interjet also signed a special agreement with Honeywell and Safran, introducing the new EGTS in their operation. This turns it into the first North American company to use this excellent technology!

With this new environmentally friendly measure, you can now travel with no regrets and completely guilt free, since you won’t be causing a significant negative impact on Mother Nature.

Interjet EGTS