Travel trends for 2016

2015 was an unprecedented year for the travel industry, more people decided to travel during the holidays instead of staying in their hometowns.

By Notimex Wednesday, March 2, 2016 comments

Riviera Maya 2



2015 was an unprecedented year for the travel industry, more people decided to travel during the holidays instead of staying in their hometowns.



One of the favorite destinations for many was and continues to be Mexico, because during the first months of 2016, the country ranks among the top favorite places for luxury tourism.



One of the advantages of Mexico is that it has exotic destinations, warm weather and a wide range of activities to do during your stay. For example one of the favorite destinations in Mexico is the Riviera Maya, because you’ll find some of the country’s finest hotels, where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.




Riviera Maya 2



Another wonder that can be found in the Riviera Maya is the Gourmet Inclusive Experience® , an exclusive concept by Karisma Hotels & Resorts, which include El Dorado Resorts & Generations Resorts; a concept that encompasses four elements which are: Gourmet cuisine, Premium Beverages, Personal Service and Activities.



If you love adventure, just minutes from the Riviera Maya you can find the route of the cenotes, archaeological sites, or places where you carry out ecotourism activities and have fun, enjoying the scenery that the state of Quintana Roo has to offer.



Now let’s talk about some of the travel trends that are planned for this 2016.


New Experiences


And what better place to find them than Quintana Roo, starting with the wonderful Gourmet Inclusive Experience®, that can only be found in the Riviera Maya, followed by the wonderful scenery that this place offers.



Riviera Maya



Have you ever immersed in the waters of a Maya cenote? Have you dived into the depths of the Caribbean Sea? Have you swum with an imposing whale shark? Or have you ever visited a bioluminescent beach? Have you ever felt so magically overwhelmed with so much history simply by setting foot on one archaeological ground? Knowing that where you’re standing, a magnificent civilization once stood? If you haven’t then the Riviera Maya is the place for you, it will offer you a wide range of activities that probably very few have done, and what better than this 2016 to do them.



The Price is not what matters

Mexico is a good option for traveling this year, as prices are affordable, and if you plan ahead you can get great deals that will definitely leave you more than satisfied with the decision to spend your vacation in the Riviera Maya.



This destination will offer a luxurious and unforgettable experience at a reasonable price, so don’t hesitate and visit this magical place.



Choose your destination based on the culture, or what it has to offer.


Riviera Maya is just minutes from Playa del Carmen and Cancun, where you can find exciting nightlife, beautiful beaches, shopping malls, luxury shops, restaurants offering a wide range of gastronomy, museums, archaeological sites, among many other things.


If you love museums, in Cancun you can find the Wax Museum, the Museum of Maya Culture -which has its own archaeological site “San Miguelito”–, also with an Aquarium where you can encounter with various species that inhabit the Caribbean Sea. You may also find in Playa del Carmen the first 3D museum -the first of its kind in America-.


Access to transportation


Moving around within the Riviera Maya is quite easy, and many hotels even offer ground transportation to different destinations, some even very luxurious! 


There are also several car rental options if you prefer, the important thing is to keep in mind that Riviera Maya is an affordable option for those looking for a place with easy mobility for their vacations.



Multigenerational travelers


One of the advantages of Cancun and Riviera Maya is that it has something to offer for all ages, whether if you are looking for a relaxed place with all the amenities, there are hotels for adults only as the El Dorado Royale & Spa Resort, the Maroma Royale or if you want a more intimate experience you can visit the Dorado Royale Casitas or Hidden Beach Resort.


If you are looking for a family vacation we recommend the Generations Riviera Maya, a resort which will offer your family only the best.


And if you want to enjoy the wonderful and exciting local nightlife, remember that the Riviera Maya is just within minutes from Playa del Carmen, where the Fifth Avenue will surely enchant you with its hundreds of bars and nightclubs, or you can also visit Cancun´s Party Center, which will undoubtedly offer you one of the best nights of your life.