Mexican handicrafts, a trigger for cultural tourism

By Eliot Bullman Thursday, April 13, 2017 comments


Important factor that drives local economies


Mexican handicrafts are an export highly valued abroad. “Under this scenario, the artisan vocation represents a productive investment in tourism promotion in the country,” said Claudia Walls, commercial director of the Fonart, in the framework of the Forum of Tourism and Culture Kultur 2017.




The tourism and artisan sector together, she says, are a factor important for the development that drives local economies. In addition she assured that they contribute in the diffusion of the history and the culture of the country for the benefit of national as well as international tourists.  



“Traditional handicrafts and toys are the largest productive activities in the cultural sector. 10 percent of GDP is generated by this sector. Also in homes for every 100 pesos, 44 are spent on handicrafts, “said Claudia Walls.  




Mexican handicrafts, considered as cultural heritage, represent ideas and knowledge of the regions or municipalities within a multicultural context.



In that sense, Wallis stated that the Ministry of Tourism is promoting the insertion of artisanal work within the formal trade, generating the craft corridors, which are integrated by workshops, shops or spaces for marketing. Culturally, the crafts were recognized as a traditional craft that must be salvaged, preserved and preserved.