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Mexico, a global pioneer in medical tourism

By Redacción MXN Wednesday, February 8, 2017 comments

Patients travel mainly to Mexico to receive treatments in orthopedic, cardiology, dental and plastic surgery treatments


Today, Mexico is striving to become a worldwide leader for medical tourism and currently sits among the world´s top ten renowned destinations to visit for medical purposes.


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Since 2013, the Tourism Secretariat of Mexico (SECTUR) has been implementing a highly effective communication campaign, with the aim of positioning Mexico as a world-class medical tourism destination.



According to the 2016 Medical Tourism Index, Mexico ranked 2nd, mostly due to having plenty of options and achieving economies of scale, thus making the cost of healthcare cheaper. Private hospitals and clinics have been investing in newer technology.


As Mexico continues to capitalize on its closeness to the U.S. market, the destination maintains a cost advantage when paired with its cheap labour market. 




The diversity of Mexican destinations is also considered to be one of the drivers for growth in the industry. Visitors seeking medical services regularly return to over a dozen specialised regions and twenty destinations throughout the country ranging from border destinations to  beaches, or mainline cities.



As well as surgical procedures there is also a large selection of establishments engaged in aesthetic care, ophthalmological treatments and dental implant are located in cultural destinations throughout the country.


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International recognition has been boosted by Mexico´s Ministry of Health (Secretariat de Salud) thanks to its efforts in standardising and certifying medical facilities and hospitals to meet international standards and practices of medical care and patient safety. (CSG Certification).  



There are even nine hospitals and one medical complex, which comply with accreditation from the Joint International Commission, recognized internationally as a symbol of quality for those organizations that have committed to meet the highest performance standards.