Mexico´s tourism industry increasingly depends on US travellers

By Eliot Bullman Thursday, February 16, 2017 comments


According to the Immigration Policy Unit, 58.2% of travellers entering Mexico from abroad are from the United States, adding 9.4 million US tourists in 2016.


Strategies to diversify international tourists visiting Mexico have not given the expected result. As such, Mexico is increasingly dependent on travellers from the United States, which has recently been accentuated by the rising dollar.


Portada turistas


According to data from the Immigration Policy Unit, under the Ministry of the Interior, in 2016, 58.2 percent of registered air tickets corresponded to travellers with US nationality, up from 57.2 percent a year earlier.


In 2016 Americans who arrived in the country increased by 12.2 percent compared to 2015 and 64 percent compared to five years ago, adding 9 million 417 thousand arrivals. In the domestic market, growth in the movement of travelers was 10.3 and 58 percent, in the same order.




Travel destinations and businesses in the industry are heavily dependent on tourists from the United States. If that dependence has grown, it is because the exchange rate has made the conditions so,” said Gerardo Herrera, an economist specializing in tourism at the Universidad Iberoamericana.


In 2016, the peso accumulated a depreciation of 22 percent against the dollar, according to figures from Banxico.