Uber arrives in Cancun vowing to legitimise taxi services

By Notimex Thursday, September 15, 2016 comments

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Since September 14th, the Uber service became available in Cancun and is offering a minimum fare of 35 pesos.  Passengers can pay by credit card, debit card, PayPal or with cash.


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The arrival of Uber in Cancun will meet high demand from local residents as well as 4.5 million international tourists that vacation there every year.



The arrival of Uber signals a great benefit for Cancun that will help to support the tourism industry with a reputable means of transport with transparent pricing. It will also benefit the local economy by creating around 12 thousand new jobs over the next 12 months”, explained the company’s press secretary.




Just this year alone, 58,000 foreign users and 102,000 national users have opened the user app according to data supplied by the company.



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According to Uber, they will charge $137.00 pesos for a service from Cancun airport to the city’s downtown. A regular taxi operator currently charges $35 USD or $576.00 pesos for that service which is a little over 15km.



However, the midday tariff from Uber increases to a “peak rate” of 1.7x, so the cost of that same service would be between $202 and $266 pesos.



It is worth mentioning that Uber is regulated by the State of Quintana Roo that recently came into force in 2015 –which regulates the use of new technologies for operating public transport service concessions and demands that all operators servicing the city of Cancun are licensed.


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Prior to the arrival of Uber, the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra) announced that any taxi operator with private registration plates caught rendering unlicensed services will face prosecution and their vehicle will be taken to the police compound for confiscation.



According to local media sources, over 30,000 families derive their livelihoods from public taxis and will be directly affected by the competition now offered from Uber in Cancun.