Uber could cancel your account

By Valeria Bigurra Tuesday, December 13, 2016 comments


This is possible if users don’t follow the “Community Guidelines”


Uber is a company that started to work only a few years ago, and in that short period has created several anecdotes between customers and drivers, some good and some not so much.


uber2Original Image, source: official Facebook page of Uber México



For this kind of situations Uber gives users the option to score their driver, and even to issue reports, and now the company has announced that drivers can now also rate customers, and even some users could be expelled from the app.



In order to create a pleasant and safe environment for all, the company has written down the “Community Guidelines“, and in case of being unfollowed, the user or the driver in question will lose their account and will no longer have access to the service.



5_tips_Blog_Header_1xOriginal Image, source: UBER Newsroom



These guidelines are only valid in the United States for the moment, however it is expected to reach other countries where Uber operates soon, in order to make this app safer for all who use it around the world.



In general the rules that are included in the guidelines are pretty basic and even if they are not yet into force in your country, it would be good to follow them.



With this the company seeks to offer yet a better service, both for its workers and for the people who use this service as a means of transportation.



uberOriginal Image, source: official Facebook page of Uber México