An underground aquarium in Mexico City

The Inbursa Aquarium

By Notimex Monday, June 9, 2014 comments


Known as a cosmopolitan place, Mexico City has a new tourist attraction: the first underground aquarium in Latin America.

Nuevo Polanco is one of the most exclusive zones in the city; here, you can find luxurious shopping malls and emblematic buildings, such as the Soumaya Museum and now… You’ll also find the new extraordinary attraction… Inbursa Aquarium.

Underground Aquarium Mexico City

The aquarium’s infrastructure is amazing! But what makes it so special? Well it’s the first of its kind to use first-class generation technology; another one like this can only be found in the UK.

Amaze your senses with so many fascinating features of the aquarium… It reveals over 300 different kinds of underwater species, ecosystems and more! It’s just as if you took a trip around the entire oceans of the world!

Mexico City Underground Aquarium Inbursa

The journey starts in the Antarctica with penguins, these funny little creatures welcome you! Then you go down into a sunken ship that is made from fake whale bones. Once you’re through, you’ll come across, hidden deep within a cave, one of the most beautiful –yet dangerous- creatures of the sea: jellyfish.

One of the best things of this aquarium is that you can be in different ecosystems! For example you can discover the colors and shapes of the reef, and then a mere steps away, find yourself in a dark and damp mangrove.

Mexico City Underground Aquarium

The Inbursa Aquarium has special spaces where you can interact with turtles, star fish and sting rays… You can even touch them! A completely safe experience for creatures and visitors.

This modern and complicated construction was carefully designed. For the benefit of fish, specialists suggested bringing one million and 600 liters of sea water from the coast of Veracruz… And they did!

But this isn’t all…. Inbursa Aquarium has a special gadget that will amaze you! There is an app that will show you the anatomy of each fish in 3D, just imagine that!

Inbursa Aquarium Underground Mexico City

So next time you visit Mexico City, do not forget to include in your route, a daytrip to this spectacular aquarium.