How does the rest of the world see Mexico?

By Daniel Juarez Wednesday, May 18, 2016 comments

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It’s not what it looks like!


Quick! Name the first three things that come to mind when you read the word “Mexican”; if you immediately thought of tacos, tequila and giant sombreros, we might have stumbled upon a bit of a worn-out stereotype. That’s not to say it is necessarily a bad thing; we tend to simplify things in order to identify certain cultures with simple things like food, clothing or a specific physical appearance.


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But in this golden age of social media and readily available information, we could very well expand our overall knowledge of a certain country in minutes. But we don’t, and believe it or not but, it does narrow your mind from a greater perspective, thus keeping you from enjoying thoroughly whatever country you’re going to visit.


A research from JWT Intelligence suggests that we are even trusting in stereotypes more than ever! As a mental GPS if you will, when navigating through a global panorama where information keeps getting thicker and more complex. People want to be more connected and form a point of view for different parts of the world. The aforementioned research was about getting to know markets from different regions.


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Mexicans around the world:

They surveyed 225 people from each of the 27 nations in the poll; they were asked to rank the countries based on their development first and their personalities second. Not at all proud to inform you that Mexico was ranked last in the former, BUT of all the people polled, 13% of them who actually visited Mexico gave “very positive” reviews, as opposed to the ones who have never come, only 9% of them gave equally as positive reviews too.


When the participants were asked about Mexicans in general, only 9% of them gave very positive reviews –the ones that haven’t visited ranked them poorly, go figure- but against Mexicans, they ranked between themselves very highly on the poll.


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Another very interesting find in the study; Mexico was labeled “Chill Ville” by several along with Thailand, which means the world sees Mexicans as very happy, friendly and polite people. It doesn’t stop there though; other names like “Fun land” were used too along with fellow countries like Brazil and Colombia. That means the world also considers Mexico to be charismatic, fun, comical and passionate.


What does that say to us? Pretty simple; people who haven’t visited Mexico are prone to negative reviews, due to TV news, Mexican soap operas or any other controversial features. Plus, we are often seen as “poor” or “underdeveloped” by them, which may be true in some parts but it definitely doesn’t define us as a whole.


The lesson here would be, don’t let petty judgments ruin your perspective against a whole culture. If you dare go somewhere you’ve never been, most of the times I’d dare say you’d be surprised, just like everyone surveyed who visited Mexico!