The Mexican people vs transgenics

By Andrea Hablutzel Wednesday, October 26, 2016 comments

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Organic food in Mexico


We have been losing contact with naturally grown food; people are already used to food being pumped with lots of vitamins, hormones and chemicals. Fortunately every day more people become aware and concerned by the health consequences of consuming them.


organico3Original Image: “Against Monsanto” by Yvo Felder, license CC BY-NC 2.0, via Flickr


This revolution of organic conscience has been years in the making, this is why the production and consumption of tasty, healthy products has been boosted.


In Mexico, there’s an increasing demand for healthier alternatives; organic product sales in the country ascend year to year and this population section, the one looking for a healthier lifestyle, may grow 73% by 2021.




Almost three years ago, Mexico achieved the Judicial Prohibition of Transgenic Corn Sowing in our soil; this triumph against Monsanto – the leading producer of genetically engineered seed – was a big step towards a genetically altered free country and, what’s best, it encouraged a lot of people to commercialize and to get involved with sustainable agriculture.


A common misconception is that “organic” or “sustainable” equals to “pricey”. But being an organic product does not mean it’s going to be expensive, accessible prices are most easily achieved by your local, small producers, who don’t have to pay for costly transportations services and fancy production. Besides, this way, the seller is more likely to give a fair price to the farmers, in exchange for their hard work.




So if you’re interested in embracing this lifestyle that benefits your pocket, your health, our soil and our local economy, here we present you some of the Mexican brands that produce and commercialize organic products:


Campo Vivo   Organic fruits and vegetables, with more than 100 different products, available in 900 selling spots in Mexico.


Quali – Organic amaranth in different presentations. They work directly with farmers and their families, creating jobs in destitute towns.


Aire de Campo – First Mexican company to commercialize and distribute organic food, groceries, frozen and refrigerated food, all natural, organic and biodegradable.


Ki-An Eco – Distributes, commercializes and exports natural, organic and biodegradable products; mainly mixes of craft honey with other ingredients and spices.


Terra Natural – This company produces and industrializes fruit; mainly mangos, in a dehydrated presentation, in bar or in a powder.




If you live in Mexico City and want to start or continue consuming organic products and don’t know where to find it, you can go to:

The Green Corner

Location: Mazatlán 81, Condesa. Homero 1210, Polanco. Av. Miguel Ángel de Quevedo no. 353, Coyoacán. José Ma. Castorena, no. 395, Cuajimalpa.

Orígenes Orgánicos

Location: Plaza Popocatépetl 41A, Colonia Condesa.

Aires de Campo

Location: Tienda Ecobutik Aires de Campo San Ángel. Amargura #14, local A1, Bazar San Ángel, Col San Ángel.

De la Tierra – Online store. Member of the Red Mexicana de Tianguis y Mercados Orgánicos.