“To be or not to be”… what if you become a freelancer?

By Fernanda Duque Hernandez Tuesday, September 20, 2016 comments

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At home work makes you 30% more efficient


Having the control of your own time and building a company, are the golden dreams of the millennial generation; the idea of being an independent worker has made about 20 millions of freelancers in the world, but with so much competition, how convenient is it to work outside the traditional system?




It’s related to where you want to go… With freelance work you have to decide: to adapt your life to work or adapt the work to your life”, explains to Expansión, Sebastian Seiseles, America’s director of Freelancer.com, the most popular website for freelance work.


The yearning to be part of a company is fading off the millennials mind (those born between 1981 and 1995), who are deciding to invest their time acquiring personal experiences rather than being in an office eight hours a day.


In fact, according to Microsoft home workers are 30% more efficient than office workers, that’s why the company sent 70% of its personal to work from home. The result? The company saved about 139 million US dollars per year.




But, what about money?


In Mexico there are about 13 million people who work outside the traditional system and there are 4 million of officeworkers, but talking about money which earns more?


An article on the Mexican paper, El Financiero, says that 27% of the office workforce earns around 400 to 600 thousand US dollars per month, while freelancer payment is about 100 US dollars per month.


But this amount varies depending on the category in which the employee will work, and their professional skills.




A new generational change


Not far from the millennials is Generation Z, who -according to a study by job site Monster Worldwide- are willing to work more hours for better economic compensation and a good health insurance.


74 percent of these young people aged 15 to 20 years, are intended to find a steady job in which you are guaranteed a good salary and opportunities to grow, regardless of having to work extra hard to achieve these goals.