“Bleisure”: Mixing business and pleasure in the Riviera Maya

bleisure is a rising and growing trend caters for those that can’t seem to leave their offices at home, to take a well-deserved vacation

By Valeria Bigurra Monday, March 7, 2016 comments

On average a person works about 257 days a year… This is average, and there are those that actually work more. A rising and growing trend caters for those that can’t seem to leave their offices at home, to take a well-deserved vacation

Studies have shown that 52% of people don’t take their vacation days, leaving an average of 7.2 days unused. In fact, other studies have revealed that 23% of people didn’t take vacations during 2015 and 34% never go on holiday with their families.

Many people choose not to take some days away from the office because they prefer to keep those days for an emergency, and others simply don’t believe it’s worthwhile to take a break for fear of falling behind at work. And it’s here where this new trend called “Bleisure” comes in.

This trend stems from the mixture of the words Business & Pleasure and is where these two things come together.

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are often favorite destinations for companies to carry out their conventions, conferences, courses, among other things. The reason is because it’s the perfect place to mix business and pleasure.



Many current jobs require employees to travel frequently on business trips, either to attend an event or simply to close a deal, but people who work this way don’t need to spend 24 hours a day working, and it is here where it this new trend come in, since many people are learning to enjoy these trips.

If your job does not allow you to take vacation, business trips are the perfect time to devote some time to yourself, or even if you decide that your partner or family to accompany you on these trips is an excellent opportunity to take that deserved rest.

Bleisure Travel works this way: when your boss asks you to take a trip for work, all you have to do is add one or two more days or even simply organize your time to find out how much you need to devote to the business and how much to pleasure and rest.

Many hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya know this new trend, so often they even offer special packages for those looking for a little break inside the work.



Instead of your business trips being reduced to your room, conference rooms and the airport, you can make room for enjoying the wonders that this place has to offer.

We know that sometimes it is difficult to leave everything and just take a vacation, but this new trend is an excellent choice, because although the work is important, enjoying life is important too, and with “Bleisure” trips, you can do this without neglecting your business.

So now you know, the next time you have to come on a business trip to the Riviera Maya, just organize your time so you can enjoy all the natural wonders that this beautiful place has to offer.